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Kismet Body 1A wet (UPDATED) by Apocalypse Bunnies

Kismet Body 1A wet (UPDATED) by Apocalypse Bunnies


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Now updated with rigged (animated) hands (also compatible with ring accessories) and compatible with shoes for Sansar default 2.0 avatar!
Unfortunately sellers are not able to update existing avatar listings, so I have had to list this as a new item. But if you bought the previous version of the body I will refund your purchase of the updated version.
See in world at:
DEMO of shape 1A available here:
The Kismet Body is an athletic female body with a realistic detailed skin. It is available to buy in 12 different variants.
Choose a bust shape:
1. Standard shape- to create the look of a bra under clothes, or of tight fitting clothes
2. Loose shape- to create a braless look under clothes, or of loose clothing
3. Cleavage shape- to create the look of a cleavage bra or cleavage bikini top.
Choose a hip shape:
A. Standard shape- smooth over the hips
B. Panty indentations- to create a more realistic effect for the straps of underwear or bikini bottoms (see pictures on B shape listings).
Choose you skin:
Dry skin
Wet skin- for that fresh out of the sea/ pool look!
Check the listing title for which version you are buying, and if you are not sure which to choose we recommend starting with Shape 1A.
The Kismet body is compatible with rigged clothes by Apocalypse Bunnies store, but Marvelous Designer clothing can also be fitted to the body. A range of FREE bikinis (as shown in pictures) is available from our store.
Feet are not included with the body- this is so we can upgrade with a range of different feet and shoes in the future. The original tip-toe feet for the updated avatar are available for FREE here:
If you would like to wear shoes made for the default Sansar 2.0 avatar you can get compatible feet for FREE here:
We also hope to offer a range of compatible heads in our store- starting with the highly detailed Irene Head (pictured) currently available for the bargain price of S$250

Note: The fit of wearable content may depend on the avatars you use.

Item name
Kismet Body 1A wet v1.2