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Wake N Bake Robe - Flambe

Wake N Bake Robe - Flambe


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★ Wake N Bake Robe // FBRN ★

Wake up and smell the roses:
Cross-metaverse wearable: find it on Decentraland and Zero10 app.

● Try-on : Combine AR and AI technologies with Zero10 app!
Available for IOS and Android.
App preview link: https://preview.page.link/zero10.page.link/qd8Y
● Web3 & Decentraland : https://www.bonfire.xyz/FabeeoBreen/home

-High quality CGI created by industry professionals-
-Top level textures-
-You can dynamically simulate this cloth over your avatar to fit your favorite style-

Discord server: discord.gg/ErKTmXQz6H

Bringing real swag into virtual worlds.

✦ Flex your experience! ✦

Item name
Wake N Bake Robe - Flambe
Made with Marvelous Designer
This garment replicates the physical properties of real fabric and can be dynamically adjusted on your avatar. Learn more.