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Date/Time Events ⌚


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This is a set of scripts that will allow you to:
- Fire an event on a one time, or periodic, schedule
- Check current date/time against schedule
- Check current date/time against a range between two dates/times
- Align the times to a specific time zone and daylight savings time (default is UTC)

Schedules can be limited to a specific number, or every number, for the the following:
- seconds
- minutes
- hours
- day of week
- day of month
- month
- year

This setup allows you do schedules like:
- "fire an event on the 5th second, at 12 am, on every Tuesday, in March, of every year"
- "fire an event at 5 pm every day"
- "fire an event at every new years eve at midnight"
- etc

For the geeks: This is based on Linux's crontab schedule scheme

Disclaimer: The events can fire only when there are users in the scene, otherwise the scene is offline.

- initial release
- Added 'Single Events' script, it's now possible to set multiple specific dates at once.
- Timezones are now per simple script group
- Minor daylight savings fix

* I allow buyers to resell this script as part of their own products, but not as a standalone script

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