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Fancy Necklace - Emerald - Gold  [Emissive]

Fancy Necklace - Emerald - Gold [Emissive]


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A unique, elegant and luminous neck piece to adorn your avatar with.

The crystals on this necklace literally glow.

Fitted for the default female framed avatars, however with a small amount of re-sizing and transforming it can fit many kinds of avatars.

If you do not see the Necklace immediately in your accessories tab, make sure to set the drop down box at the top to "Show all accessories" (See extra picture for example)

Contact "TheNick-1981" through Sansar or Sansar discord if you need re-rigging, a custom design or if there is a problem etc.

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Fancy Necklace - Emerald - Gold [Emissive]
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