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Short Stave Tankard

Short Stave Tankard


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Good hearty carved wood staves banded together with iron, and sealed with beeswax hold any manner of drink until it's drunk - or you are.

This is a great stock piece for any pre-modern inn or tavern, and you can freely custom it with the included texture templates. Just pop into the materials editor in Sansar, and change what you like. Want a different wood? Want to add a logo? You can.

There are even a couple of extra premade textures here for you to download and use.

All alternative textures and templates included in this product listing, are 600x600 pixels. You'll need to resize them to a power of two size (256x256, 512x512, etc) for use in Sansar.

(poly count: 260, vertex count: 320)

Tags: medieval tankard drink mug cup stein

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