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F Crossed Legs Ledge Sit - Static Pose

F Crossed Legs Ledge Sit - Static Pose


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Works with female framed avatars.

Works best on ledges but buggy with chairs, should work for all sized avatars.

Simple static cross legged pose for sitting on a ledge with legs hanging down. To use, simply stand at the edge of a ledge facing the direction you want your legs to hang and play the emote.
How to use example gif: https://gyazo.com/cd65552ef2bf8dfdb350ae604e6527fb

If you are wearing our fairy wings they bend down into a more relaxed position with this emote.

Male version available here:

Contact "TheNick-1981" through Sansar or Sansar discord if you need re-rigging, a custom design or if there is a problem etc.

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F Cross Legged Ledge Sit
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