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Laser Pointer - SCRIPTED with light and sound!

Laser Pointer - SCRIPTED with light and sound!


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PSST! HEY AVATAR! OVER HERE! *OPENS COAT* Your virtual existence is NOT complete until you've experienced the refined glory of a SANSAR STUDIOS L1T3-L@Z3R-3000, the newest in our line of ethically dubious goods allegedly manufactured by a mutant race of sapient neo-giraffe.

Forget I said that, go ahead and get this from ye olde Sansar Store and drop it into your scene. It's a dynamic object, yo. Yeahhhh pick it up and shine it on a dark surface to illuminate! Then DROP IT! Notice how it turns on/off automatically, which is sure to conserve the digital environment and save you from EVER having to replace batteries in this sucker again! That's right, INFINITE POWER-PoWeR-power (echo voice).

Anyway, what's really sweet is you can fully modify and remix this laser pointer. Maybe make it into an ordinary flashlight. Then again WHY WOULD YOU???


• Examine the Object Structure and you'll see this contains FOUR SCRIPTS:

#1 - SimpleGrabRelease (as of this writing, being tested for public consumption) which lets you do cool stuff when you pick up or drop an object. Especially potent in VR.

#2 - SimpleLight with corresponding messages, notice how it uses "Laser1_grabbed" and "Laser1_released". If you copy this object in a scene, just change the numbers so they work differently. (Another way to do this is with SimpleScripts Groups, but we were short a parameter in this script. C'est la vie.) Oh, of course you can change the light color here and all that.

#3 + 4 - SimpleSound with a different click sound for when you pickup and release.

• GOOGLE "simple scripts sansar" to learn more. We'd hyperlink ya here, but that wouldn't be clickable anyway.

• Don't shine into another avatar's eyes. We're not responsible for shader blindness. Don't scare them into thinking a sniper is out to get 'em either.

OK well we guess that's all for now? HAVE FUN and show off what you create in Sansar!

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Laser Pointer - SCRIPTED
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