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Magic Animated Sphere

Magic Animated Sphere


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This Magical Sphere give a special mood for your scene. This low poly sphere have animated material and give to the user a dinamic ilusion of moviment. Can use for light candles and iluminate a path terrain; Can be placed at special location of the interior scene; can be located at campfire experiences or even a asset for an sacred altar.

Poligons count : 336 polygons
UVW type: Spherical
Textures Size: 800 with( SEAMLESS TEXTURE)
Type of Material Sphere: STANDARD+ EMISSIVE+ UVANIMATION ( You can regulate the velocity of the animation)
Type of Material support sphere: Standard

See the performance of animation here:

You can see this Sphere in Interzone Experience.

*Lights not included. This asset make better result with a good ilumination around.

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Magic Animated Sphere
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