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Willow Tree Drooping Mature Adult

Willow Tree Drooping Mature Adult


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A gorgeous drooping Willow tree, reminiscent of England in the summer - that doesn't mean you can't use it anywhere though! :)

Would look wonderful overhanging a body of water like a small pond. I also sell animated water in my store; please take a look.

Modelled on an adult size tree, but can be scaled as you wish.

It's low-poly for a good looking tree (5184 Tris), so you can scatter a few around without too much impact on your experience.

- 5184 Tris
- Diffuse, normal, roughness maps (all 512 x 512) for tree trunk.
- Diffuse, normal, roughness and alpha maps (all 336 x 1020) for the leaves.
- No collision - easy to add collision if you want to.

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Willow Tree Drooping Mature Adult
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