Rock with bridge and cave

Rock with bridge and cave


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Rock platform with a path leading to the top, and a cave with two entrances.

I would like to make objects for Sansar users to texture themselves, but I have never textured flat in photoshop myself, so, I have no idea how to unwrap for that purpose.
I unwrapped like I normally would for painting in 3d, then I tried to think of ways to make it possible to paint flat. I used a checker board with different colours, and made numerous markings along the seams.
Here is a link to download the PSD file that contains all the necessary layers, you will even find the wireframe as the bottom layer :

Also, Please send feedback through Discord. Let me know if this works, or not. What can I do to make it easier ? Are the markings useful ? The checkerboard pattern ?
If you Use a 3d painting software like 3d-Coat or Substance Painter and would rather have the fbx, ask me on Discord.

Sorry about the texture glitch, you will see many small markings around the actual lettering, the Sansar uploader is doing that to my texture on upload, I have been trying to reupload without success.

3468 triangles
Collision 3468 triangles
File size (KB) 122

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Rock with bridge and cave
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