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Gravel Road Set

Gravel Road Set


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A gravel to dirt to grass modular road and path set.
Good for country roads, industrial access, and scaled down makes a nice walking path.

Crowned and higher center in middle of road helps it fit in varying terrain much easier. No terrain is flat, so this will help.

Ends of each terrain piece drop off so they can easily be matched up to next terrain piece, so each piece also functions as an end to the road and will blend into terrain.

Set includes;
1 x Straight Road
1 x Corner Bend Road
1 x Crossroads
1 x Tee Junction Road

► Optimized mesh and textures for use in Sansar worlds.
► Tris : < 384
► Texture Load : 16.0 MB (Shared)
► Support original content and creators in Sansar

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