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Atacac Slash Shirt

Atacac Slash Shirt


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Red and white block stripes in 160g/m2 organic cotton single knit jersey

100% organic cotton

Designed for bodies and souls, regardless of gender. Asymmetrical T-shirt in organic cotton with an red and off-white block striped pattern. The body is cut from a single piece of fabric being wrapped around the body resting from the shoulders. The garment has a generous low cut scye, with wide sleeve, a bit like a tank top with short wide sleeves added. The back neck is folded inwards as a placket and the front of the collar is asymmetrical cut with a V shape towards the left hand side.

Designed in Göteborg, Sweden
by atacac

Jersey knitted in Osaka, Japan
by Toki Sen-I

Cut in Ulricehamn, Sweden
by Anderssson & Hjalmarsson

Assembled in Pärnu, Estonia
by Oberis OÜ

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Atacac Slash Shirt
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