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Regular Rifle / Auto Rifle / Bolt Rifle

Regular Rifle / Auto Rifle / Bolt Rifle


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[Warning: This sound is made to be as realistic on the ears as possible for those who want the extra immersion! VOLUME WARNING!]
This crack from a gun will send your target crying back home to its Momma! Really push the limitations of VR with realistic rifle sounds!

[Note] The price on this is high because its a multi-purpose sound effect. This can be used on a quick loop to make a machine gun or something of the like along with my other audio asset the M1 Clip Out Sound to make a nice effect for when you run out of ammo. Of course I will be flooding the market place with these sounds so keep an eye on my shop!

Also soon: Ear friendly sounds. Or you know. Just turn it down manually. Thats an option.

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Regular Rifle / Auto Rifle
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