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Ballerina Shoes - Gold

Ballerina Shoes - Gold


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Those are glossy flat ballerina for women and they are Avatar 2.0 ready !

DEMO available here:

You can also find some clothes that match colors in my store
Or in DaisyWinthorpe's store here (her "Fancy Gown" perfect match them)
And also in Marine's store here

They are made for Default Avatar 2.0, but they also do fit on :
- Daphne from "Fabeeo Breen"
- Hellen from "Eunicorn"
- Android and Avatar 2.0 Compatible from "Terratron"

They won't fit on :
- Alina from "Cora"
- Avatars from "FullSpectrum"
- Michell and Hanna from "Hillie Dyrssen"
- Sansa from "Atacac"
- FS from "Felicidad"

They are available in 16 different colors at my store.

Find all my Women Ballerina here:

You can see them in Sansar here :

PS: If you know some other avatars they fit or they do not fit, feel free to contact me so I can add on this description.

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MPP - Ballerina Shoes - Gold