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Stream Media with Permissions and 100 Channels

Stream Media with Permissions and 100 Channels


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Put this in a scene and you can add 100 channels (20 in each list) and an optional description for each one. You can add URLs to any of the lists and take any of them out. They don't have to be in order. The script will find them and give them numbers.

Chat Commands:
/channels to see which channels are available.
/channel with no number to see which channel is currently playing and /channel with a number to play a different channel.
/reset-me to reset the current stream to the beginning just for you. This is a good way to skip ads.
/resync to attempt to resync yourself with the rest of the people in the room. This only works on YouTube for now.
/help will give you a list of commands.

If you stream a YouTube link the script will attempt to sync users who join the scene after it started. It will still work if the URL had a start time already specified. It won't work at all for YouTube TV links (eg. It also cannot account correctly for the length of ads users might see.

Additional options are:

Autoplay channel # or UR: You can put channel number here and when the script loads it will start on that channel. If you put a URL instead it will start with that URL as though you had used /stream to show it.

Allow /stream: users will be able to type /stream and provide a URL to stream, like many other scripts here. If you turn this off they can only use the channels.

Show current channel when switched: If you toggle this off the scene chat won't display the new channel whenever the channel is changed. This option is useful if you have channels where you don't want descriptions for some reason (eg. scene owner showing a deck of slides).

Admin list: These users can always use the script and they can use /lock and /unlock to prevent others from using the script. It's sometimes useful as an anti-griefing measure. Add their handles without the @ at the start. (eg. john-smith-1138) instead of their display names (John Smith).

Whitelisted users: If this list is empty anyone who isn't in the ban list can use the script. If there are users in the whitelist, only they and the admins can use the script. This also uses handles.

Banned users: These people can't use the script. Use handles here too. The libary script events for resetting, listing channels, and resyncing will work for these users for now.

There are library-script-compatible events for channel up, channel down, listing channels to the chat (only for the specific user), resetting the stream for a specific user, and re-syncing a specific user. The ChannelUp and ChannelDown events will not work for banned users, but the other events will.

Note: I set up the library script events so they will work by default with the Script Remote control I also have on the store. If you don't want to use any other scripts to control this script you should take out the text from the events so the script won't needlessly subscribe to them.

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